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Juanita and the Rabbit: STORY

Let's burn our possessions and wander across the face of the earth; spreading the gospel of love, life and rock n' roll!

Let's string up the corporate hate-mongering ideals by the very neckties that have choked so many of our brother's (and sister's) souls.

Let's turn loose upon the world; the passionate, the dreamers, the visionaries... and most importantly let's have some GOD-DAMN FUN!!!

Line up:
Brett - Fender Mark 6 bass, vocals
Elizabeth - drums, vocals


"Juanita and the Rabbit is no White Stripes. No Jucifer. No She & Him. Sure, they’re a husband-and-wife duo — but comparisons end there. JATR is simplistic but hardly simple-minded. It’s garage punk, heavy blues and easy metal. It’s two dogs and two people who stop their van along the highways to play the music that comes easiest to them." - Leah Sottile - Spokane Inlander

Juanita and the Rabbit's conception in 2008, was followed with 2 albums, 2 U.S. Tours and a slathering of West Coast dates which have received national press, and positive crowd approval. Their first recording "feeling the love//AMPLIFIED!!" was a rough and quick, down and dirty home recording to get the project off the ground. Their follow up album Out of the Grave:Alive in the Fire was recorded and engineered by local S.F. HERO Tim Green at Louder Studio. The group has refined it's energetic and catchy sound, and melded it into a blues metal groove... delivering their songs with a heavier and sharper edge.

Juanita and the Rabbit is serious about not taking themselves seriously. They're delirious in their goals of rising above the hierarchy, patronizing the patriarchy, laughing at the hegemony; and maybe becoming this century's Partridge family.

JATR arose from the carnage of the conceptual band Young Frying Rabbit and formed a union determined to keep the dream alive!! This dynamic duo features the sultry chanteuse Elizabeth; her beats are fun and funky, pounding and primal. Over this Brett layers tales of triumph and tragedy, all the while his distorted Fender Mark VI moans of otherworlds.